Secondhand Celebrity!

Have you had a celebrity encounter lately?
Maybe you sat next to one on a plane, or got one to sign your sneakers, or almost hit one with your car. If you've met a celebrity, we think that makes YOU a star too.

We want to hear your story, so write to us. If you're lucky, you could be featured on this page. And we might even Photoshop you together with your star!

Photoshop magic: Ilana Urbach and Dave Attell Ilana chats up Dave Attell in Hawaii.

Elizabeth talks about singing karaoke with Joey McIntyre.
Jordan ran into Freddie Prinze, Jr. at the community center.
Dave helped Robbie Williams find his inner punk rocker.
Michele met The Party backstage at a concert.
Lillie talked about farmers with Bjork in an elevator.
Rosemary saw Bjork (in her underwear) at the Chelsea Gym.
Joe met Alexis Bledel, who plays Rory on Gilmore Girls.
Marc spotted Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai on Gilmore Girls.