Secondhand Celebrity!

Rosemary Rogers
(FYI, that's someone who writes about saints. Rosemary has just finished her second saint book.)

Celebrity Encounter: Bjork

The Encounter:
It happened around a year ago at Chelsea Gym, mid morning. She had her stuff in the locker next to mine.

Bjork and Rosemary
A Photoshop reenactment of the meeting by Sarah Feuquay.

What was she wearing?
Actually, I noticed what she was wearing before I noticed it was Bjork. She had the most beautiful underwear on; it was lacy and expensive looking.

How close were you to her?
Less than a foot away.

Could you smell her? What did she smell like?
I don't remember what she smelled like; I was too focused on how much her bra must have cost.

How sure are you that it was in fact actually Bjork? And not just a look alike?
Positive. Besides, let's face it, not many people look like Bjork.

In light of this encounter, do you think Bjork is a misunderstood genius or just a Nordic nutjob?
I think she's a misunderstood genius with great taste in underwear.

What celebrity would most like to have an encounter with?
Marlon Brando

How has meeting Bjork changed your life?
I decided to upgrade my bras.

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