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Dave Richman
Production Manager/Drummer for Punk Rock/Heavy Metal Karaoke

Celebrity Encounter: Robbie Williams

Dave and Robbie
A Photoshop reenactment of the meeting by Sarah Feuquay.

The Encounter:
We (the Punk/Metal Karaoke band) were playing the Christmas party for Nasty Little Man (a rock publicity firm) at Luna Lounge in NYC in December 1999. There were several indie rock celebrities there but we were excited when we saw Robbie Williams, whom we consider a bona fide pop star. We were even more excited when he agreed to come up and perform with us.

What was he wearing?
He was wearing a sort of denim suit. It was that kinda shiny denim, and it was definitely an ensemble; the pants were made to go with the shirt.

Could you smell him? What did he smell like?
I couldn't smell him. The only thing I could smell was cigarette smoke, which is all I can ever smell when we're playing.

What song did he sing? Did he sing well? What would you say his punk rock "style" was?
He sang "Anarchy in the UK" by the Sex Pistols and he was great! He's a pop star for Chrissakes! I'd characterize his style as confident and
snotty; true punk rock!

Do you think he's sexier in person or on TV?
Neither. Sexier in print.

In light of this experience do you feel that Robbie Williams is just George Michael for the 21st century?
No way! Robbie Williams truly rocks!

What celebrity would you most like to have an encounter with?
Can't think of any. Sorry.

How has meeting Robbie Williams changed your life?
It has given me the opportunity to say "I've played with Robbie Williams."

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