Saturday, October 02, 2004

Jessica and Ashlee and... you?

This New York Times article (registration required) talks about how Joe Simpson, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's dad, is shopping for a new youngster to make famous:
"After years of struggle, Mr. Simpson, a formerly penniless Baptist minister who these days wears a chunky diamond stud in his left ear, has guided his two daughters, Jessica and Ashlee, to success as MTV reality-show stars and platinum-selling pop singers. But now, just as he's established himself as a pop-culture Midas, Mr. Simpson is fresh out of children.

Not to worry, Mr. Simpson has a plan: he wants to find a new child and turn him or her into a star. Of course, in order to find the right talented youngster, Mr. Simpson would need to hold nationwide auditions. And of course, the entire process would have to be turned into a reality television series, so Mr. Simpson has started pitching television and music executives on the idea. "
The article talks about how he wants to "showcase the approach he and his wife take to child rearing, emphasizing values like honesty and abstinence before marriage." You know, I swear that show is already on TV, and it's called 7th Heaven.
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