Saturday, October 02, 2004

Oh, that lovable alien!

Why didn't anybody tell me that ALF had a new talk show? Or maybe the real question is why does ALF have a new talk show? I used to watch the original ALF TV show all the time when I was younger -- I even had this tiny ALF stuffed animal clipped on the lamp in my bedroom. But then one day I noticed a strange burning smell and investigated to find poor ALF with his synthetic hair all burned into a black, melty mess, because he had fallen on the light bulb. So sad.

Anyway, I heard about ALF's new TV show while I was doing some research online about how to get tickets to the Steve Harvey Show for when my parents visit L.A. next year. You'd think they'd be excited to come see me, but it seems the real thrill the west coast offers is the chance to sit in the audience of a show where people demonstrate skills like snorting liquid in through their nose and squirting it out their eye. (If you'd rather watch an alien chat with celebrity guests, go here to get tickets to the ALF show.)
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