Friday, October 15, 2004

Dear Target

Actual message just sent to Target by Lisa the Spelling Geek:
I was in one of your L.A. area stores last night and saw a set of bright colored handbags with large words embroidered on them. They said stuff like "A is for Adorable." I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one that said "High Maintenence." That bag contains a spelling error -- the correct spelling is "Maintenance." I was disappointed to see such a low quality product, especially in one of Target's own lines, Exhilaration. I hope that in the future, you'll require your employees/designers to run a quick spell check on text that's going to be featured on a product. Thanks, Lisa
I should've taken a picture of the bag, because it's not available through Target's online store. You'll just have to take my word for it. This might sound like I'm being stupid and picky, but I feel like it's a symbol of the dumbing down of America.

UPDATE: Here is a photo.

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