Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I wouldn’t have picked it myself, because it looked kind of stressful, and as some of you know, I can’t even watch The Sopranos without freaking out. And I didn’t think I’d buy Tom Cruise in such an evil role. I was still thinking of him as the futuristic cop from Minority Report, or you know, Jerry Maguire or something, but somehow that likable Tom Cruisiness is exactly what makes his role in this movie work.

There were a lot of guns, and apparently my back muscles were tense during the entire thing, because now they’re downright sore. But something about Collateral was strangely beautiful. I’m not sure if it was the lighting, or the colors they used, or the soundtrack, or maybe even just the way L.A. looks at night, but somewhere in between all the bloody wounds and dead bodies I started liking this movie a lot.

I’m also glad I went because I got to see a preview for Shaun of the Dead. As the tagline says, it’s “a romantic comedy. With zombies.” I heard a rumor yesterday that zombies are the new pirate. Time to throw away that eyepatch and start practicing your stagger!
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