Monday, August 02, 2004

Hey, lay off the pressure!

The New York Times has an article about Arrested Development that talks about how people are treating the show as if it's the only hope for the future of sitcoms. I hate that people are putting the show's writers under that kind of stress. It's like they're saying, "Be funny, your whole career depends on it!" But maybe it's sort of true.

In case you don't have a Times login, I'll just paste my favorite paragraph here. It talks about potential storylines they're considering for the next season. Whether they'll actually be used or not, this sneak peek make it easier to deal with the wait until November 7, when the new season premieres:
The writers want to make Tobias, the David Cross character, an understudy for the Blue Man Group, thus requiring him to constantly wait by the phone wearing blue makeup. They may introduce a new member of the family who -- like the missing sister on "The Osbournes" -- had previously refused to participate. "I'd love to go back through scenes from the first season and show her being blurred out in the background," Mr. Hurwitz said, laughing. Most audaciously, he would like Michael, Mr. Bateman's character, to chew out his son for being attracted to a cousin, then fall in love with a woman who will be played by Mr. Bateman's real-life sister, the actress Justine Bateman.
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