Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Unpopcrazy confession

I haven't been watching TV lately. Does that make me a pop culture failure?

I literally haven't turned the TV on in weeks. Yesterday, I felt like watching an episode from the Entourage DVD I got for my birthday, and I ended up watching it on my computer because turning on the TV felt like too much work. I do like Entourage, but maybe that's because it doesn't feel like TV to me. (I don't have HBO.)

The anti-TV feelings started creeping up around a month or so ago. I realized one day that I didn't care about watching the finales of Lost or The O.C. or Desperate Housewives, even though I had been watching the shows religiously all season. Suddenly, they felt like a big waste of time.

My TV-lessness was completely unintentional. It's not like I made some life decision to stop watching. I used to turn my TV on every day, even just to watch a Seinfeld rerun as I ate dinner. Now, I don't.
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