Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The end of an era...

When I first fell in love with America's Next Top Model (ANTM to those in the know), I had no idea how long this torrid love affair would last. We met Season 2, and the relationship started hot and heavy--no foreplay required. I knew my life had changed when I found myself praising the three hour time difference from the East to the West Coast, which facilitated UPN's posting of the portfolio pictures before the show aired in L.A., allowing me to scrutinize the pictures along with the esteemed panel. Season 3 and 4 found me following each episode with a reading of Television Without Pity's Weekly Recaps just to make sure that there wasn't a snarky thought I had somehow missed during my viewing of the each episode.

Alas, I should have known the passion could not be sustained.

With the departure of Janice Dickinson, I find myself wondering, "Why? Why, Tyra, didn't you fight harder to keep her from leaving? Why, oh, why are you letting Mommy leave?"

Sadly, I know the reason why. It's because Tyra has a new family now. Perhaps you've heard of it? The Tyra Banks Talk Show. Having fallen under the siren song of the Pied Piper of Talkshowdom, Tyra has done wandered away from those who truly love and appreciate her wealth of Supermodel wisdom. I ask you, Tyra, who is going to explain to these young, impressionable women what "Tiger Eyes" are now that you've run off to go do your stinking talk show? Huh? Twiggy? Please.

Now, I know this should be the part of the rant where I sum things up, so it looks like I had a point. But I don't. I guess I'm just hurt and reaching out.



Don't Leave.
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