Wow, it sucks to be her!
Your Life is Not as Bad as Joey Potter's

So you think you've got it bad? Maybe you found out that the guy or girl you've been seeing is still hung up on his or her ex. You thought everything was fine, but then one day he/she says, "You know what? I really can't date you right now." Life is worse than ever. It's worse than anything you've seen anyone deal with in the movies and on TV... or is it?

Is your situation as bad as Joey Potter's? Let's look at her life in comparison to yours.

First of all, she has no parents. Her father is in jail (again) and her mother is dead. She lives with her sister on the "other side of the creek." She constantly has to care for her sister's child. After the family restaurant burned down, she was forced to get a job pumping gas for boats. Her boss sexually harassed her and fired her. Despite her poverty, Joey still manages to wear the latest fashions from J.Crew, but not even fancy clothes can cover up the hurt she suffers.

And we haven't even considered her love life! Joey lusted after her best friend Dawson for years. When a new girl, Jen, moved to town, Joey's life was filled with turmoil. Joey verbally attacked Jen and Dawson until she finally got the nerve to tell him her feelings. When Joey and Dawson sorted out their emotions and finally started dating, they made the perfect couple. But soon they started finding conflict in their individual lives, and things got rocky. When Dawson failed to respect her new love of art, Joey decided she needed some time for herself.

    They just can't seem to work it out.
During the separation from Dawson she met Jack, who had just moved to Capeside. She ended up falling for him, because he did respect her love of art. One night while Jack was posing nude for her latest art project, Joey decided that she was ready to sleep with him, but Jack had a little trouble below the belt.

Joey said she understood, but then things with Jack started to get weird. He had a different look in his eye. Rainbow windsocks seemed to pop up everywhere he walked. Jack eventually confessed to our tragic hero that he was gay. What could she do? How was she supposed to deal with the fact that her boyfriend wasn't attracted to her? She had to struggle with the emotional pain not only at school, where she was laughed at, but in her heart.

Soon after, Joey got a crush on a photographer who came to town, but he was only interested in Jack. Next, she met a smart college boy. She went to visit him for the weekend only to discover that he was in love with his best friend.
This girl never gets any action.

This past season, Joey's problems started when Dawson decided that he couldn't be with her. The harsh way she found out? She showed up to his house and took off her shirt only to be dismissed by him.

    When will she be happy?
Since Dawson couldn't be close to Joey, he enlisted Pacey to take care of her. So when Joey's mural was defaced at school, Pacey found out who did it and beat him up. Pacey was the only one who stood up for her. Later, Joey found out that Dawson had asked Pacey to look after her. She was angry that she had been passed from boy to boy, but then Pacey confessed he had feelings for her. That's when Dawson returned, ready to be with Joey again. She was more confused than ever. The season ended with her choosing Pacey and traveling on his boat called "True Love." The trailer for the new season claims "her choice changed everything," but we will have to wait and see.

So much heartbreak and so little time! Joey Potter has to deal with inner torment everyday and still go to high school. She's not even old enough to drink away her blues. The only comfort she gets is from the sentimental pop ballads that fade up every time she laments. The next time you start thinking life sucks, watch Dawson's Creek. You'll instantly be reminded that your life is not nearly as bad as Joey Potter's.
--Fred Flores

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