Remembering Capeside
It's time to kiss this show good-bye.

How do we say good-bye to the teen drama that put the WB on the map? Dawson's Creek cemented the teen demo and the youthful voice that would become the WB brand. For six years, we've cried, learned and loved with Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jen as we saw them lose their family, friends and virginities. Now the show is wrapping up its final season.

If you're not ready to let go of the show just yet, Popcrazy has a few suggestions on how to keep the spirit of the creek alive in your heart.

First, head over to

This is one of the most comprehensive, interactive and creative TV tie-in websites I have ever seen. Not only can you see the basics, like cast bios and episode synopsis, the WB has also created complete websites for fictional places in Capeside.

While you're there, reminisce about the old days with the gang and visit the pages of Capeside High. Log on to Dawson's Desktop to read his email and snoop around on his computer. Then, think about which college you'd rather apply to: Boston Bay College or Worthington University.

If you're planning a vacation to Capeside, consider staying at Potter's Bed and Breakfast. If you don't have the time for a visit to the fictional town, but just want a taste of Capeside, check out the Capeside Cookbook, featuring homemade favorites like Joey Potter's curry turnips and Andie McPhee's apple pie (I bet that tastes crazy).

Want to pretend you're hanging out in Joey's dorm room? The WB website offers virtual tours of the show's current locations.

And if that's not cool enough, you can even create your own Dawson's Creek soundtrack and buy it on CD for $11.95. The next time you're making out, you could fade up the same music that played when Joey kissed Pacey. Or if you're in the mood to fight, add a few rock tunes from Jen's list.

Relive the early days on DVD.
Dawson's Creek - The Complete First Season is now available on DVD. See your favorite teen stars at their youngest and cutest. Then, time warp to their last moments together with the Dawson's Creek - Series Finale (Extended Cut).

In Angus, James Van Der Beek plays a jock who bullies a fat kid. It's a typical teen comedy about the underdog taking the cake, and eating it too.

In Disturbing Behavior, Katie Holmes plays a trashy girl who is styled like Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When all the kids in town start becoming squeaky clean preps, she and her friends realize something must be horribly wrong.

In Killing Mr. Griffith, based on the Lois Duncan book, a mean teacher ends up dead and all the teens run around scared and scream and scream some more. Michelle Williams plays Maya the nerdy one. This movie also features Felicity alum Amy Jo Johnson and Saved by the Bell's Latin sensation Mario Lopez.

Joshua Jackson starred in At The Edge Of Innocence. Just when you thought you had seen every made-for-TV movie with Kellie Martin, along comes another. At the Edge of Innocence follows a group of crazy teens in a crazy house. Think "One Teen Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." The cast includes James Marsden, who later starred in Gossip with Joshua Jackson and Disturbing Behavior with Katie Holmes.

In addition to starring in my friend's student film, Kerr Smith also ended up in such gay films as The Broken Hearts Club and the lesser-seen Hit and Runway, about what happens when a homophobe and a gay writer team up to write a movie. Kerr plays the gay writer's cute crush.

Meredith Monroe starred in New Best Friend. After a death at a small college, an investigator uncovers a world of rich kids, weird school projects and drug dealer boyfriends. This movie includes such teen stars as Mia Kirschner, Taye Diggs, Dominique Swain and Oliver Hudson.

Want a quick, fun read about the show? Stay right here at Popcrazy and check out some of our favorite WB articles, like Cool Enough For Capeside?, the story of one guy's audition for the show, or Your Life is Not as Bad as Joey Potter's, a look at the bright side for when you're feeling down.
--Fred Flores

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