The Surreal Life

We've always dreamed of spending Thursday nights watching former celebrities live in a house together.
Now, the WB has made our dreams come true. Even if you're not as celeb-obsessed as we are, give The Surreal Life a chance. Missed an episode? Read our comments below to catch the highlights.

LISA: If you remember MC Hammer back when he had crazy pants, or you watched Beverly Hills 90210 or Webster, or you ever had a favorite Corey, there's bound to be something about this show you'll appreciate.

FRED: Just watching everyone interact and try to have a good time is reason enough to tune in every week. Imagine being at your house taking a shower when you get a knock at the door and there's MC Hammer and Webster giving you brownies.

We meet the "characters."
They go food shopping.
They meet a few neighbors.
Some of the housemates eat sushi off of a naked lady.


On Corey Feldman
FRED: This show has a crybaby. A groom in training. A former child star with a bad dye job. And that's just one of the characters… Corey Feldman.

SARAH: Corey Feldman is the most annoying, lamest loser in like the whole country. All of my preteen dreams have been crushed. I totally loved that Andrea called him out for having leather shoes though.

On Emmanuel Lewis's laugh
LISA: Emmanuel Lewis laughs like a psychotic killer.
MEREDITH: He has the scariest laugh since the Wicked Witch of the West.
SARAH: He's like a black, middle-aged Chuckie doll.

On Jerri Manthey
MEREDITH: Even celebrities don't give a crap about the people on Survivor.
FRED: The only casting choice that I have a problem with is Jerri from Survivor II because she is a product of recent reality TV. She was not the star of a "real show." She never released an album. She was clearly just added to the show to stir up conflict.

The gang goes camping.


On Corey Feldman
LISA: The other housemates try to be tactful, but Corey is getting on their nerves. He got on my nerves, too, and I only had to watch him for a half an hour.

On MC Hammer
MEREDITH: I really am becoming a Hammer fan. After listening to his speech about fame, I want him to be MY agent.

On Emmanuel Lewis, a.k.a. "Manny"
LISA: In this episode he's carrying a giant knife around, and yet somehow he's more likable than he was last week. This is either because he's not laughing as much (that laugh is really scary) or because Corey is being so annoying it makes everyone else look good in comparison.

On Brande Roderick
LISA: When Jerri and Manny were eating their gourmet dinner, Brande was like a puppy dog begging for food with her big, sad eyes. She even picked at their table scraps after they left -- has she NO pride?

On Hammer and Corey in a boat
MEREDITH: I know I wasn't the only person who was astounded that Hammer and Corey couldn't row more than 10 yards from shore.

The show in general
MEREDITH: I think the whole situation was best summed up by Mr. Vince Neil as the celebrities went into a truck stop: "This group really is a motley crew."

The gang performs in a talent show to benefit an unnamed charity.
They sell tickets to the event on the streets of Hollywood.


On Corey...
MEREDITH: Corey Feldman should not complain about what a hard life he's had. I missed this episode because I was stuck in a soundstage building a set for 13 hours. He may have lost "millions of dollars" but I bet he's never dropped a hammer on his toe.

SARAH: My impression of him is getting lower and lower, and I don't even think its because of fancy editing tricks like in the Real World. I think he's really, really lame.

On selling tickets on the street
MEREDITH: Why the hell wasn't I at Hollywood & Highland that day? It's like five minutes from my house and I totally missed it!

On Vince
SARAH: I love Vince Neil. He's got it all figured out. Like when he was talking about Corey and his shameless self promotion? You got it Vince. And how funny was that parody? I love him I really really do.

On the talent show
LISA: My favorite part of this show was watching the group of twenty-something guys sitting right up front. They were either shaking with laughter or about to explode from witnessing such a strange (shall I say surreal?) experience.


"I'm too much of a professional." -- Corey Feldman

"The purpose was that we all made some money off the charity." -- Corey Feldman (I really hope he meant for the charity.)

"I would definitely prefer to do it alone." -- Vince Neil, discussing why he didn't need Corey to accompany him on harmonica.

"I don't like ulterior motives." -- Vince Neil, referring to Corey.

"Success, celebrity, life lesson..." -- the beginning of Jerri's non-winning poem

The gang takes a trip to Vegas together.
The gang goes to Hammer's church.


On Hammer
MEREDITH: I swear to god, when they prayed for Vince Neil's dead daughter, I almost cried. I want Hammer to be my agent AND my minister.

On Corey
MEREDITH: Could he be more of a drama queen? I swear I've seen seventh grade girls who are more emotionally stable than him. I know I laughed when, during the camping trip, Corey Feldman asked if anyone else thought that the show would change the world. But now I've changed my mind. I can see the citizens of this troubled country coming together to share in their hatred of Corey Feldman.
ILANA: Corey Feldman sucks. All he does is cry and call his girlfriend. What happened to our '80s bad boy?

On gettin' churchy
MEREDITH: I think my heart is still pounding from watching them all go to church. The fact that this show is so good renews my faith, if not in God, at least in network programmers.

-- Lisa Beebe, Sarah Feuquay, Fred Flores, Meredith Riley, Ilana Urbach

Play the Surreal Life drinking game!

If you want to play this game and get a buzz, play with beer. If you want to get plastered, play with a mixed drink. If you want to be sober, then play with Kool-Aid.

Every time Corey Feldman whines about something, take a drink.

Every time Corey Feldman mentions his fiancé, take two drinks.

Every time MC Hammer says something super Christian, take a drink (and say a prayer).

Anytime Gabrielle Carteris does something motherly, take a small sip.

Every time Webster (errr... Emanuel Lewis) makes a weird face that makes you feel uncomfortable, take two drinks.

Every time Jerri says something bitchy, take a drink and slap the person to your left.

Every time Vince Neil shares something dramatic and deep, trade your drink with the person next to you.

Every time Brande Roderick shows enough skin to get you excited, CHUG!!!
--Fred Flores

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