Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pop Culture Dreaming

I may have mentioned this before, but I think Popcrazy needs a section for pop culture dream analysis. I love analyzing other people's pop culture dreams. (If you've had one, send it to popcrazy AT gmail.com, okay?)

I had a dream the other night that Britney Spears had a talk show and I was backstage. You know, I hope Britney does have a talk show someday, because I think she would be really good at it. She'd be sweet and friendly like Ellen, but with the glamorous cachet of someone like Tyra. She could be generous to poor people like Oprah, and honestly try to help them like Dr. Phil.

ANYWAY, back to my dream -- someone backstage was freaking out because it was a special twin episode and the Olsen twins were supposed to be there, and they were late. The rest of the dream is a blur, but I know they showed up just in time for their segment. I don't know why I was there, but I think there was choreography involved. I've been having some scary-ass dreams lately, but dreaming about Britney, the Olsen Twins, and choreography weirds me out on a completely different level.

One more Britney thought before I forget:
I was in Macy's in NYC recently, and I walked by a big perfume display that smelled exactly like Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth. Was it possible they had re-released the fragrance I loved as a teen? Nope. It was a display for Britney Spears' new Fantasy perfume. I love the idea that they're rebranding Debbie Gibson's popstar scent for a new generation. I can't figure out who the manufacturer of Electric Youth was, but if it's the same company, I bet they just mixed up a new batch and put Britney's name on it. If it's a different company, something smells stolen.
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