Look Like a Star the Easy Way!

Can't afford designer dresses and jewels? Dressing like a star is a lot easier than you think. It's all a matter of redefining the word star. Your thoughts may automatically go to Gwyneth Paltrow or Madonna, but why?

Let's think about it: these women have a recognizable, defined style. People know their faces, their voices, and their love lives. That's what makes them stars. But who's to say that stars have to be human? I'm not going to tell you to dress like Lassie, but there are plenty of cartoons whose style could be easily copied. And people will recognize you! One Halloween I dressed as Velma. Another time my friends and I went as the Powerpuff Girls. I didn't go to a fancy costume shop for these costumes, but total strangers still recognized me.

There are several things about cartoon characters that make their style easy and inexpensive to copy, whether for Halloween, or daily life. The best idea is to pick someone who you already resemble. Don't get too caught up in particulars. I chose Velma because I have bangs. That's it. There just has to be one little thing in common -- like maybe you're both the same sex.

Instant superhero!
You also have to remember that cartoons never change their clothes. While the reality of this is pretty gross, it means that you don't have to be entirely faithful to the outfit. If you saw someone wearing a yellow t-shirt with a zig-zaggy black stripe you'd think Charlie Brown, no matter what else they were wearing. Velma wears an orange turtleneck sweater, a red pleated skirt, orange knee socks, and red Mary Janes. And of course the heavy black glasses. I hate turtlenecks and I couldn't find a single pair of orange knee socks, so I took some liberties with my costume. People still got it.

Cartoon outfits are usually very simple. Cartoon characters don't go for crazy patterns or prints, or lots of accessories. You just need to nail down the basic color and shape of an outfit. And I've never seen a cartoon wearing an article of clothing with a designer label on it, so feel free to shop at the Goodwill! I spent less than $10 on my Velma costume and everyone recognized my style. I could have spent a million and never looked like Madonna.
--Meredith Riley

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