Which Cartoon Car Would You Drive?
  Are you a Mystery Machine driver?

If you've ever wondered whether you'd be better off driving Homer Simpson's family vehicle or a fancy-shmancy car like the Batmobile, this quiz will help you settle things once and for all. Start clicking -- you're just a few questions away from finding your four-wheeled soul mate!

1. Have you ever been pulled over for speeding?
Never. Your car doesn't go fast enough for that.
Two or three times.
More than four times.
Never. You drive too fast for radar to see you.

2. You check your parking space, and your car is missing. What do you do?
Laugh. Now the car is somebody else's problem.
Call the police and your insurance company to report it stolen.
Wonder if you left it someplace else. You can never remember where you parked.
Cry. It was customized just the way you wanted it.
Nothing. Your crew must have taken it in for a few repairs.

3. How many miles do you drive in an average day?
Over 100

4. When you drive, who's usually riding shotgun?
Your significant other
Your best buddy
Your coworker
Your pet

5. You're cruising down the highway, and you need some music. You:
Sing the song you've had in your head all day.
Turn on the radio.
Pop in your favorite tape.
Crank up your futuristic stereo system.
Hum along to the beautiful purr of your engine.

6. How often do you wash your car?
Your staff keeps it looking shiny all the time.
You go to the drive-through place about once a week.
When the neighborhood kids have a car wash.
Only if it's really hot out and you want an excuse to play with the hose.
The rain gets it clean enough!

7. Which of these features would your dream car have?
An engine! (That's all you're asking for.)
A snack compartment
A good luck charm to keep you out of trouble
The ability to drive underwater
A jet engine


You would drive...

-- Lisa Beebe

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