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How to Make Tron Cupcakes

What you'll need:

Mmmm... cake mix!
1 box cake mix (and whatever else the box tells you to get -- probably eggs, vegetable oil, and water)
1 muffin pan
1 container white frosting (no candy chunks, because that will distract from your designs)
1 tube each of red and blue decorating icing (You can also Mix your own computer gray using food coloring and a small amount of the white icing. Mix it in a plastic baggie, and cut a tiny hole in the tip for decorating.)
About two dozen cupcake papers
A heart full of Tron love



Follow the baking instructions on your box of cake mix and you should end up with roughly 24 cupcakes. NOTE: Do not overfill the cupcake cups. Anything more than 2/3 full and they'll be rounded on top, which creates a much less desirable canvas for your artistry. You want classic flat cupcakes.


Tron cupcakes will make a delicious accompaniment to any Tron-themed party, but first you have to personalize them to emphasize your favorite aspects of the film. A light cycle! Those MCP things! A detailed portrait of Jeff Bridges! Let your love of Tron inspire you.

  Taste the Tron goodness!

Be sure you wait for the cupcakes to cool completely before you break out the icing. Letting your eagerness to frost them get the better of you will ruin the final product. Even slightly warm cupcakes can melt the icing and blur your carefully drawn lines. Once they are cool, ice first with the white icing. Concentrate on creating as smooth a finish as possible. Then it's time to decorate!

Feel free to get as intricate as you want, but remember -- these little treasures are going to be eaten! If you want them to last forever, take a picture before you present them to a room full of ravenous Tron fans. -- Lisa Beebe

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Photo: Sarah Feuquay
Cupcakes (real and illustrated): Lisa Beebe