Reality TV?  Here's what WE wanna see!

We're so over Survivor. Who cares about the Mole? And all Temptation Island tempted us to do was change the channel. So we at Popcrazy came up with our own ideas for reality shows. Take a look and tell us which ones you would watch...

Photo of a fake reality tv showMy Messy House
Take five of America's richest housewives who have never done any housework and give them each one week to clean one of the messiest houses in America. The first woman to turn her assigned trash house into a treasure wins. Not only the house, but a new sense of pride that comes with doing something for yourself.

Photo of a fake reality tv showShut Your Mouth
Five beautiful people are placed in a house for two weeks. They are not allowed to talk. They can't even write or pass notes. They can only draw pictures. It's like deaf Pictionary. However, there will be a Top 40 soundtrack to keep the viewers entertained.

Photo of a fake reality tv show Project Stalker
A secret camera crew follows around a stalker as he watches his obsession on a daily basis. No prizes here, just gritty, hard-hitting footage. It's Blair Witch meets Cops.

Slaughterhouse Six
Six people dress up as cows and see how long they can last in the slaughterhouse. The one who doesn't chicken out wins a lifetime supply of beef. Mmmmm... hamburgers everyday! Now, what would they have to do to get some fries?

Photo of a fake reality tv showChicken Lickin' Fat House
Get eight of the skinniest people in the country and put them in a house made of food. The one who has put on the most weight in a month of living at the fat house wins a million dollars as well as free training sessions with health guru Richard Simmons. Wow! Getting paid to eat! I know a lot of people who could dig into that. --Fred Flores

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