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If Chins Could Kill

Bruce Campbell rocks. And not just because he saved the world from demons in Evil Dead and had a recurring role on Xena: Warrior Princess. This guy can write!

Bruce Campbell's book If Chins Could Kill tells the story of the actor's rise to B movie fame. Fans of the Evil Dead series will probably buy this book for all the inside details on how the movies were made, but it's worth reading even if you have no idea who Campbell is. The book is fascinating and funny, whether he's writing about his childhood in suburban Detroit, the difficulties of raising funds for a low-budget feature, or his experiences interacting with fans.

Discussion Questions
Would you rather be safe at home reading If Chins Could Kill or stuck in the Middle Ages battling an undead army for control of some creepy old book?
Which of the Super-8 movies that Bruce and his friends made when they were young would you love to find on eBay?
If you could go back in time and be a "fake Shemp" in any of Bruce Campbell's movies, which one would you choose?
If before reading this book you thought of Sam Raimi as "that guy who directed Spider-Man," what do you think of him now?
How freakin' cool is Bruce Campbell?

-- Lisa Beebe

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If Chins Could Kill
It has cute pictures from when he was little!

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