Spider-Man is the best movie EVER ...at least according to every reviewer out there. Usually I don't trust critics as far as I can throw them, but this time, I'm inclined to agree. This movie has everything: action, romance, Macy Gray.

Everyone knows the story of how young Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man and sets out to save the world, while navigating the pitfalls of being an awkward adolescent. Luckily, the movie added enough new plot elements and twists to keep this viewer completely captivated. The romantic scenes tended to be melodramatic, but no more so than in any other action movie. The film's stars were well cast and delivered subtle performances that balanced out the intense action sequences. The score by Danny Elfman, and a handful of Batman and Superman references, gave the movie a nice familiar feel.

  Spider-Man strikes a pose.
Hey, watch where you're pointing that thing!

I was worried that the computer graphics would be distracting, but director Sam Raimi managed to seamlessly blend them into the rest of the film, creating a sort of hyper-real New York. I really believed that Spider-Man could swing at break-neck speeds down Fifth Avenue (which he seemed to do a lot), and I even believed that Queens was sunny and clean, with plenty of parking. Raimi's version of New York was apparently unrecognizable to some -- a confused person sitting next to me, at a theater in Queens only 20 or so blocks from where parts of the movie were shot, asked his friend where the movie was supposed to take place.

All in all Spider-Man was one of the coolest movies I've seen in a long time, and not just because it made my borough look so good. At one point during the final action sequence I realized that my palms were sweating and I was really, seriously rooting for Spider-Man to save the day. I eagerly await the inevitable sequel, which promises to deliver more chills, more thrills and, most importantly, more James Franco.
--Meredith Riley

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