How to Satisfy Your Need for Teen Trash!

Sometimes, when you're with your friends, you just want to watch a movie that doesn't require much thinking. You don't want to get attached or make an emotional commitment. You've got the attitude of a teen. You need a quick fix, and any of these movies could be just what you're looking for.

Cruel Intentions 2
Photo of Cruel Intentions 2 DVD

Featuring Robin Dunne (Dawson's Creek), Amy Adams (Psycho Beach Party, Providence), and Sarah Thompson (Boston Public)

Young Sebastian moves in with bitchy rich Catherine, and blackmail, sarcasm and sexual hijinks ensue. Fox initially planned a TV series that was to serve as a prequel to the movie. After shooting six episodes they realized that it really didn't make any sense and they cancelled it before it premiered. Showtime stepped in and bought the show. They cut it together into a 2-hour movie, added steamy sex scenes to appeal to their audience, and ended up with Cruel Intentions 2. The best part of this movie is watching all the incontinuities and the nonsensical story structure. If you loved Cruel Intentions, watch this just to remind yourself how talented the cast of the first movie really were.
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Disturbing Behavior
Photo of Disturbing Behavior DVD

Featuring Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek), James Mardsen (Ally McBeal, Sugar and Spice) and Nick Stahl (Man Without A Face)

After moving to Cradle Bay, a young guy and his new friends discover the truth behind all the perfect teens of the town. This movie had potential. Had is the key word. However, if you rent it on DVD, you'll also get eleven scenes that were cut from the movie, and this version actually makes sense. If you haven't seen it, check it out for the schlocky attempts at teen slang.
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Photo of Valentine DVD

Featuring David Boreanaz (Angel), Denise Richards (Wild Things, Starship Troopers), and Marley Shelton (Sugar and Spice, Bubble Boy)

On Valentine's Day, a bunch of girls get scary cards and end up dead. Who's doing it? Could it be the guy they picked on and poured punch on at the junior high dance? Probably. You know who the killer is already, or do you? Typical teen movie but this time, they're not teens, they're twenty-somethings. What a twist. David Boreanaz looks better in that dark lighting on Angel.
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Bring It On
Photo of Bring It On DVD

Featuring Kirsten Dunst (Virgin Suicides, Get Over It, Crazy/Beautiful), Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Rich cheerleaders and poor cheerleaders CAN get along. This is the best teen movie to come out in a while. Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Durst totally rule. Just the thought of this movie's got me smiling. Get the DVD -- it's got lots of cool extra features.
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Sugar and Spice
Photo of Sugar and Spice DVD

Features James Mardsen (credits above) and Marley Shelton (credits above).

A good cast wasted on a boring script. It was almost good. Almost. Rent Bring It On instead. -- Fred Flores
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