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Okay, I admit it, I used to watch "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." (It was 1993, what do you want from me?) When I started to see commercials for the WB's new series Smallville, I tried to tell myself that I wasn't excited, that I'm not obsessed with modernized Superman tales... but I was, and I am. I tuned into the season premiere of Smallville, and was not disappointed. The intensity of the stunts and the fast-paced action sequences blew me away. I could live without the Dawson's Creek-esque dialogue and soundtrack, but I'm willing to overlook that if they keep showing Tom Welling's abs.

  Smallville Ledger

I decided to hit the Internet and see what I could find out about this highly entertaining new show. My search first led me to the official WB site, which had the usual vague cast information and plot summaries. I was just clicking around, and I landed on something called The Smallville Torch. Lo and behold, the Torch is an online representation of the Smallville High School newspaper, which Clark and his friends are supposed to write for. The articles are about events in the most recent episode from the show, written from the perspective of a Smallville High student. There's even an announcement about the Biology Club!

More clicking around took me to the Smallville Ledger which -- can you believe it? -- is Smallville's grown-up newspaper. The Ledger even goes so far as to have links to the fictional "Luthor Corp." website. If you're looking for a job in the Metropolis, KS area, this site's for you!

Basically you could know what was going on even if you never watch an episode of the show. Or if you live under a rock somewhere, you might be lead to think that Smallville is an actual place.

Enjoy the latest incarnation of Superman. And if you miss an episode, or you're just too embarrassed to admit that you watch the WB, check out these websites for all the news that's fit to print in Smallville. -- Meredith Riley

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