What planet are you from?

Can't remember where you're from? Don't waste another day wondering! Just answer a few easy questions, and we'll work a little pop culture magic to help you identify your home planet.

  Are you from around here?

1. You have a special occasion coming up and you want to look good. What do you do?
Wear a long, flowing robe, and maybe even a headpiece.
Pick out something tiny that shows lots of skin.
Tie on a colorful cape.
Change into something shiny and metallic.
Wear your new jeans. They don't have any holes yet.

2. Your worst fear is...
That someone will find out you're only pretending to be human.
That you won't make it home.
That your mortal enemy is going to travel through a magic portal and take over your land.
That you'll run out of energy.
That you'll disappoint your people.

3. You're off to fight some bad guys. Which weapon will you use?
A mystical sword.
An expensive joystick.
A small laser gun.
A giant laser gun.
Who needs weapons? You're strong enough without them.

4. What do you have in common with President Bush?
You sometimes wear glasses.
You've spoken in front of the Senate.
You think the youth of America could use a few morality tips.
You're always searching for energy reserves.
You're not that special.

5. Where did your earliest memories take place?
In a big factory.
In a generic little house or a trailer park.
In a land with sunshine, fluffy clouds and lots of mountains.
Someplace with magnificent architecture, lots of nature, and a few wacky amphibians.
All I remember is a giant explosion.

6. What do you have in common with Barbie?
You've been known to wear other peoples' clothes.
You have the same color skin.
You could leap the Barbie Dream House in a single bound.
You don't always wear underwear.
You're made of synthetic materials.

Did you arrive on Earth from some distant galaxy or have you been here all along? Click the button below to find out!


-- Lisa Beebe

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