Himself the Elf


Here are ten reasons you should see Elf this holiday season.

1. Will Ferrell equals fun. Will Ferrell in an elf costume equals funtacular.

2. Santa Claus is real; Ed Asner as Santa Claus is realer.

3. Who is Zooey Deshanel? Find out before she is touted as the next Reese Witherspoon!

4. Who wouldn't want Mary Steenburgen as a stepmom, especially during the holidays?

5. Getting hit with a snowball is terrible. Watching someone else get hit by a snowball is terribly funny.

6. Midgets are just midgets. Midgets with sped up voices are elves!

7. NY1 has never been recreated in a motion picture in such a majestically comedic way!

8. Who's fatter, Santa or Jon Favreau? You decide!

9. It's a Christmas movie without too many Christmas songs! A rarity!

10. There are cute kids in the movie but they aren't given too many lines or important sub-plots!

Happy Holidays!!!!

--Fred Flores

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