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Come and Knock on Our Door

Three's Company is "the greatest work of art of all time." Whether you agree with author Chris Mann's bold declaration or not, chances are you've chuckled at the long-running sit-com. Come and Knock on Our Door invites you to take a peek behind the scenes at the show that made John Ritter a household name.

Mann conducted interviews with cast members and studio executives to track down the truth about everybody's favorite TV threesome. Find out why Janet always wore pantyhose to bed, why there were so many blonde girls, and where Mrs. Roper found her fabulous outfits. Chris Mann made me laugh out loud several times, and he includes enough pop culture references to satisfy even a discriminating Popcrazy reader.

Discussion Questions
The book includes a complete episode guide to Three's Company and its spin-offs, The Ropers and Three's a Crowd. If you had to choose one episode to watch over and over for twenty-four hours straight, which one would it be?
If you were a studio exec with lots of power, would you have given Suzanne Somers the raise she demanded? What if you knew that someday in the future, countless readers would have to read a whole chapter about the salary dispute? Would that affect your decision?
Who would you rather have for a landlord, Mr. Roper or Mr. Furley?
Which character's wardrobe would you love to suddenly find in your closet?
When you daydream about Three's Company, which character do you play?

-- Lisa Beebe

What's this all about?
Popcrazy introduces you to books you can comfortably discuss during a commercial break from Smallville or when a lame song comes on the radio.

Our selections all have pop culture relevance (you know Oprah never cared about that!). Once in a while, we'll even throw in some discussion questions.

Come and Knock on Our Door
Where can I find roommates like these?

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