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Growing Up Brady

Although Barry Williams' face is familiar to millions of people around the world, he's best known for a role from thirty years ago. You might have missed him on S Club 7 in Hollywood (who watches ABC Family anyway?), but I'm sure you remember when he played Greg Brady.

Let's forget for a moment the Celebrity Boxing debacle, and consider Growing Up Brady, Williams' best-selling book about his experiences working on The Brady Bunch. The book is a great read, offering surprisingly candid insights into the Brady world (like the chapter about Williams' date with his TV mom Florence Henderson) and the low-down on various spin-offs and reunion specials. Flashback to all of your favorite episodes with the detailed episode summaries, and get the real story on what was going on behind the scenes.

Discussion Questions
Are you jealous of Barry Williams' place in television history?
Williams' book describes romantic feelings between several of the cast members. If you were a member of the Brady cast, which sibling would you get crushy on?
When reading through the episode summaries, did you start to feel sick at how many of them you had seen? Where might you be today if you hadn't spent so much of your childhood watching The Brady Bunch?
If your friends all decided to dress up like the Brady family for Halloween, who would you get to be? Do you feel creatively limited by your hair color or height?
If you were forced to fight the Brady cast members on live TV, how do you think things would turn out? Would Alice knock you out? Do you think you could take Bobby down?

-- Lisa Beebe

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Growing Up Brady
We'll always call him Greg in our heads.

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