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A Mother's Gift

No matter how familiar that face on the cover looks, A Mother's Gift is not a book about Britney Spears. Written by Britney and her mother Lynne, this is a novel about a poor southern girl named Holly who just happens to be able to sing. The story begins in the fictional town of Biscay, Mississippi (not to be confused with Kentwood, Louisiana, where Britney's really from), and follows Holly as she leaves home for the first time to attend a prestigious music school.

A Mother's Gift is a light, sweet story -- the literary equivalent of a can of Fresca. Grab the book (and the soda while you're at it), and find a nice place in the sun where you can take breaks from reading to daydream about the day you become a pop star/novel writer, too.

Discussion Questions
How do your feelings about Britney Spears affect your ability to identify with Holly Faye Lovell?
Holly may be poor financially, but she's rich in other ways. Do you think Britney created this character because she secretly wishes she were poor?
Do you think any of the characters in this book would listen to Britney's new CD? Which of the songs would they identify with?
Do you believe Britney and her mom actually sat down and wrote this book or simply attached their names to a ghostwriter's work?
Close the book for a moment and open up your imagination. If you had the chance to sing any pop song on a televised variety show, which one would you pick? Would you rather make the crowd cry with an emotional ballad, or shake things up with a catchy dance beat?

-- Lisa Beebe

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Our selections all have pop culture relevance (you know Oprah never cared about that!). Once in a while, we'll even throw in some discussion questions.

A Mother's Gift
Britney's first novel will change your life. (Not really.)

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