Blind Date Guide to Dating

Blind Date Guide to Dating

We've all been there, on the date from hell, the best date ever, or the date that just... won't... end. We've all been tempted to grab the phone and call our closest friends for advice, the number of a good hotel, or just an escape plan. But that's so rude! Now there's a way to know everything you need to know about dating BEFORE you go on the date. Get advice from someone who's been on more dates than all your friends combined, the show Blind Date.

The premise of the show is simple: take two people who seem compatible, give them some fun activities, and watch the sparks fly on national television. The "national television" part is what makes the show interesting. "What kind of nutcase would go on a date with a stranger on television?" you ask yourself. The same kind of nutcase you might find sitting across from you at that swank restaurant one Friday night. So pay attention, these people know what they're talking about.

When a friend gave me a copy of The Blind Date Guide to Dating, I was offended. Was she suggesting that I'm a complete failure in the dating world? Once I realized that I AM a complete failure in the dating world, I picked up the book hoping for some sage advice on connecting with the love of my life. To be honest, I didn't get much advice beyond vague platitudes about when it's okay to hold your date's hand. But I did enjoy the book. There was plenty of behind-the-scenes information (did you know Therapist Joe is a real therapist?) and lots of stories that were "too hot" to air on the show. I didn't learn how to bring up the touchy subject of commitment, but I did learn why everyone on the show drives a Ford Explorer.

I might still be single, but I learned a lot from the mistakes of the poor saps whose dates were bad enough or weird enough to make it into the book. Now I have the perfect comeback for a date that's getting too aggressive. I'm well schooled in hot tub etiquette. And if all else fails, I can always pick up The Blind Date Guide to Dating and remind myself that at least I've never crashed and burned in front of millions of television viewers! -- Meredith Riley

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