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Aloha Baywatch

We know. You feel like you've just been tossed upside down by the worst kind of wave. Like you're breathing in salt water, while stepping on a broken piece of beer bottle, with a jellyfish wrapped around your leg. Baywatch is being cancelled, and with tears in our eyes, we dedicate this issue in tribute.

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Talkin' with Brande Talkin' with Brande
She's beautiful, nice, and she's answering our questions about Baywatch Hawaii. Our three second interview with Baywatch star (and Playmate of the Year) Brande Roderick.

Beyond Baywatch Beyond Baywatch
Where do all the Baywatch babes go, once they leave the beach? We checked up on a few former lifeguarding lasses, and can tell you where to find them.

Baywatch.com Baywatch.com
It offers much more than the average TV site, but then again, Baywatch isn't your average TV show. Don't forget to join the modeling agency.
The Music of Baywatch The Music of Baywatch
It's not just background noise during the montages! The music of Baywatch Hawaii takes us away to a tropical paradise (where the music is really cool).

Life Without Baywatch Life Without Baywatch
Don't give up -- television is still worth watching. And since we know a little bit about pop culture, we've picked a few other shows that are worth a shot.

When's the big finale?
The final episode of Baywatch Hawaii will be airing in late May. Check your local listings for details, because you don't want to miss out! When we met Brande Roderick, she said the finale's going to be really good.
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The Soundtrack
Includes a few David Hasselhoff songs, as well as the opening and closing themes from the pre-Hawaii years. Get nostalgic for the days when it seemed the show would never end. Buy it now from amazon.
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